Four bowl singles results

Another stellar day of bowling at BLBC! Fourteen bowlers showed up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday for the annual in-house singles tournament. This year’s format was fairly simple, everyone bowled three games to 15 points. When the dust settled, four bowlers had accumulated the best record for the day. Ann Gardiner, Shawn Roney, Howard Mackey, and Jim Corr, were ‘in it to win it’.

The four decided to finish their semi final matches on the same day even though they had to option of scheduling it another day. I suppose busy lives trumped feeling tired from a long day of bowls.

After the two semi final 18-point matches, Jim Corr and Shawn Roney advanced to the 21 point final game which was played on May 22nd. The game lasted nearly two hours. Jim Corr was off to a slow start, but steadily gained on Shawn. In the 27th end with the sun just about to set, Jim scored the winning point; 21 to 18 being the final score. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the tournament.