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Membership – Annual Dues

Regular Membership$200$220
Dual Membership$60$66
Associate Membership$40$44
Student Membership
(under 18)
Student Membership
(over 18)
Low Income & Disabled

Annual dues are collected at the beginning of each calendar year. For those who join after the first quarter, the dues are prorated.

Greens Fees

Ever wonder where that jack comes from? Greens fees help fund the ongoing maintenance of the green and it accoutrements.

CategoryGreens fee
Visiting bowler
(Berkeley resident)
$5.00 / day
Visiting bowler
$5.50 / day
Draw game
(members included)
$0.25 / day

Bowling Event

Event pricing is $25.00 per guest, with a 12 guests minimum (non-bowling children are not charged). This pricing is based upon facility rental of three hours and includes instruction for lawn bowling, all equipment, volunteer BLBC coaches, private use of the clubhouse, kitchen, patio, and bowling green. Add $50 for each additional hour after 3 hours. There is also a small cleaning deposit.

For more information, send an email to:
berkeleylawnbowling@gmail.com (Use the Subject Line:  Events Coordinator).

Supplies and snacks

The BLBC maintains a stock of handy supplies for lawn bowling.

Prices for bowls and bowling supplies.

Henselite Bowlsmarket price
Used bowl sets (four bowls with bag)$60
Jacks (new)$25
Jacks (used)$10
Measuring tapes (new)$35
Measuring tapes (used)$10
Well Grip$5
Chalk$0.25 / stick

We promote the game of lawn bowling for the enjoyment of new and experienced players alike.