Final Standings: PIMD Mixed Pairs 2024, 4/13/2024

From Bud Birkenseer, PIMD Tournament Director on 4/15/2024:

Congratulations to Bernadette and HC for winning the PIMD mixed pairs!

 What a journey, rain, wind, the party’s ON the party is OFF. The wind stopped then blew again, but the games went ON.

 Thanks everyone, I appreciate that you ALL made it to the Club and ON TIME.

 I saw some very nice shots made over the day. Very impressive considering most of you couldn’t feel your fingers.

 Congrats to our Champions!  

HC Yung and Bernadette Chan who went undefeated and had a differential of 19 points

The runners up John and Angie Peet also went undefeated, but their differential missed the mark by a few points. 

Four teams won money, and we had an added donation to the prize pool! Thank you to our unnamed donor.

I am sure the winners will find a way to spend that extra cash. 

I just don’t want our PIMD bowlers to expect these large prize money amounts in ALL our PIMD tournaments!! 

(Thank you mystery donor!)