The 4321 Tournament was a Success, 3/9/2024

BLBC Pres. Ashok Verma to BLBCers on 3/11/2024:

Please join me in extending our appreciation to the tournament committee for organizing the first BLBC tournament of 2024, which is also the first ever 4321 tournament at BLBC.

Because of the planning and organization of the tournament director, Daniel Goerlick, the day went flawlessly.  Cathy, as always, was hospitable to all.  Let’s not forget the volunteers who donated their time to help out and be the markers for these games.

Sixteen bowlers competed for the honor of being the first 4321 champion of BLBC.  After three rounds of round-robin games, four bowlers – Chris Davis, Cris Benton, Hugo Deaux, and Daniel Gorelick – had won all three of their games. Chris Davis and Cris Benton were declared the two finalists based on score differential.

The final game between Chris and Cris was a cliffhanger, worthy of this historic event!  They competed fiercely to be the first to reach 70 points and claim the championship. In the end, Chris Davis managed to reach 71 to Cris Benton’s 69 to claim the honor. 
Congratulations Chris! 

(In the picture below: Cris Benton on the left and Chris Davis on the right)