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May 2014 Newsletter

A few items have ocurred during the past month which you may be of interest Neil Levy and Phil Grattan represented the BLBC at a meeting with the Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department regarding renewal of our lease with the city, which expires in December of this year. The city has retained an outside contractor to evaluate and recommend needed capital improvements on all of their leased properties as the leases come up for renewal. Also the city, while maintaining they value us as a tenant, wants to reduce the already limited support they provide BLBC. I will keep everyone apprised of the progress of these negotiations.

Ray Francis has requested I include the following regarding poker night:

“They some times say, ‘Unlucky at bowls, lucky at cards.’ Come try the adage out by attending our monthly poker game on May 18 at 5:00. Games include Texas Hold’em, 5 Card Draw (real poker, as some might say), 7 Card Stud, Follow the Queen, No-Peeky,, Concentration. We are a patient group and are happy to teach new-comers. Let Ray Francis know if you are coming by sending him an email at:”

I can only assume Ray needs new blood at the table to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

The greens committee is evaluating capital improvements to the green and surrounds which hopefully will be completed this year.

We have committed to the Solano Stroll in September as an opportunity to recruit new members. Don’t be surprised if you are approached to volunteer your time to man a booth.

Because May was a slow month for births we will combine the May and June birthday parties. The combined birthday party will be held the last Sunday of the June. The birthday group is John Spiers, George Steedman, Erwin Vista, Jim Corr and Andy Stapleton. The club will provide coffee and dessert. Bring your own lunch at noon to be followed immediately by bowling.


President’s Newsletter for April

Several of the items discussed in the recent board meeting were:

The Board unanimously recommended that Clause 5 of the Constitution be amended to eliminate the restrictions on participation by low income or handicapped members in the governance of the club. The current wording is out of date and does not reflect the spirit of the club. These members will continue to be eligible for a reduced membership fee. The actual change to the Constitution will require a vote of the membership and will be taken up at the next Annual Meeting.

Cris Benton has been working with Dave Rockhold on reformatting the BLBC website. It will go live very soon and I encourage everyone to visit the site and see the changes. I will send out an email when the site is up and running. The website is also a wonderful way to keep everyone informed of what is occurring at BLBC.

Alan Kaplan has kindly consented to take charge of restocking the refrigerator relieving Dave Rockhold of one of the many jobs Dave does to keep the club running.

Just a reminder: our PIMD representatives for 2014 are Geoff Chandler and Gary Knox. Howard Mackey has decided to retire as a representative and deserves a warm round of applause for the many years he has committed to this activity.

We need to be more attentive to using and caring for the green, particularly by altering the direction of play on a regular basis. The board decided to reinstitute an old system for determining direction of play on the green, and we will shortly post the system inside the door of the mat room, so that it will be easily available and visible when setting up the rinks. If properly followed, the use of this system will reduce the wear and compaction of the green, especially at the edges. In the meantime, please follow the recommendations sent out in a recent email by Ann Brillhart on behalf of the Greens Committee.

In May, Phil Grattan and Neil Levy will meet with representatives of Berkeley’s Parks and Recreation Department to begin renewal negotiations on BLBC’s lease with the city.

The April and March birthday party is scheduled for April 26th, the last Sunday in April. Four of us celebrate our birthdays this month: Phil Grattan, John Hooper, Katie Mordarski and Frankie Napoli. The four March celebrants are Howard MacKey, Dave McMullin, Bob Schwartz and Des Simpson. With both months represented we should have a festive crowd. The club will provide coffee and dessert. Bring your own lunch at noon to be followed immediately by bowling.