There will be no free lessons on Saturday, 26 July due to a club tournament.


We provide the equipment; all you need is flat bottom shoes. Just drop by.

Classes also available by appointment – Call Jim at 510 644 2249.


The 2014 Schedule is now available on the events tab!


Outdoor bowling on a bowling green is a classic sport that goes back hundreds of years and continues today in Berkeley. The retro sport we love is modern day fun out in the fresh air. Walt Disney was an avid lawn bowler.

Please, stop by and check out the action be it lessons or just to watch on Wednesday or Friday afternoon. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Already know how to bowl? Day use fees for lawn bowling are just $5 per day for Berkeley residents and $5.50 for non residents. Phone (510) 841-2174.


Draw games for members and guests are normally held on Wednesday and Friday. Please arrive or call by 12:15. Games begin at 12:30. Spontaneous draw games, practice sessions, and special sessions have become quite common.

If you are interested in having your own special event at our facility, please contact us or drop by during one of the draw games. Our facilities can accommodate around 50 people for receptions, meetings, or team building events. We can provide bowling instruction or simply a rental venue with cooking facilities.

Map and Directions

Check out our tongue-in-cheek video for a quick look at lawn bowling Curling (without the ice) Check the links page for even more information.

BLBC is a proud member of PIMD (Pacific Intermountain Division) of Bowls USA.


2014 PIMD Men's Singles Champion

Berkeley NOVICE Rob Hoey is PIMD Men’s Singles Champ

What an accomplishment! Berkeley’s own Rob Hoey went into the PIMD Men’s Singles as a bona fide novice.

All he had to do was beat Larry Collaco in the opening game. And he did! I think many of us have had a taste of what Larry can bring to a match.

OK, let’s move on. It’s Rob vs. Fred Anast in Game 2. Game on, Rob wins again.

So, if you’ve made it this far, facing Jerry Knott in the championship game shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Rob brought his A-game once again and surfaced as the 2014 Men’s Singles Champion.

Yours truly simply dropped the ball on posting this important bit of Berkeley LBC news. I’ve got excuses, but that’s all they are. What needs to be said to the world and to Robin Hoey is this – CONGRATULATIONS ROB ON A JOB WELL DONE!!!

Berkeley Club Pairs Champs

Jerry Ridley & Millard Long, 2014 BLBC Pairs Champs
Jerry Ridley & Millard Long, 2014 BLBC Pairs Champs

Sixteen bowlers signed up for the BLBC Draw Pairs tournament. Two ‘no shows’ put a kink in the schedule. However, all the bowlers were good sports and remained flexible. Thanks to unscheduled bowler Susan Jamart for stepping up and bowling lead in two games. Jerry Ridley (skip) and Millard Long (lead) won two games on the green and won a third game due to one of the ‘no shows’ on the opponents team. They were the only team to score six game points. Well done Jerry and Millard!

BLBC singles-101 crop

2014 BLBC Singles

BLBC Singles Tournament Goes Down To The Wire

Saturday,  May 17 was a fine and a pleasant day for bowling and saw 14 members turn out for the highly competitive annual singles tournament.  Ably directed by Ann Brillhart in her first venture as Tournament Director, the preliminary round consisted of three 8-end games, randomly drawn. At the end of the morning, only Jim Corr and Ann herself had won all three of their games.  They were joined in the semifinals by Cris Benton and Erwin Vista, who topped the 2-game winners on points differential.


Semifinalists Erwin Vista and Jim Corr


Semifinalists Ann Brillhart and Cris Benton

In the Corr-Vista match up, Erwin won a close victory 7-5, while the other semi was an even tighter game. Tied 6-6 after 8 ends, Ann came out on top of a sudden-death 9th end to head into the final. The excellent bowling she had shown all day was evident as she raced into a 5-0 lead after the first four ends. But the unflappable “Mr.” Vista kept his cool and pulled it back to 5-5 going into the last end. Three great bowls on or within a foot of the jack by Erwin were enough to lay claim to a superb come-from-behind victory and the 2014 BLBC Singles title. Congratulations to Erwin and thanks to all participants!

Erwin Vista

Singles champion Erwin Vista .



May 2014 Newsletter

A few items have ocurred during the past month which you may be of interest Neil Levy and Phil Grattan represented the BLBC at a meeting with the Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department regarding renewal of our lease with the city, which expires in December of this year. The city has retained an outside contractor to evaluate and recommend needed capital improvements on all of their leased properties as the leases come up for renewal. Also the city, while maintaining they value us as a tenant, wants to reduce the already limited support they provide BLBC. I will keep everyone apprised of the progress of these negotiations.

Ray Francis has requested I include the following regarding poker night:

“They some times say, ‘Unlucky at bowls, lucky at cards.’ Come try the adage out by attending our monthly poker game on May 18 at 5:00. Games include Texas Hold’em, 5 Card Draw (real poker, as some might say), 7 Card Stud, Follow the Queen, No-Peeky,, Concentration. We are a patient group and are happy to teach new-comers. Let Ray Francis know if you are coming by sending him an email at:”

I can only assume Ray needs new blood at the table to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

The greens committee is evaluating capital improvements to the green and surrounds which hopefully will be completed this year.

We have committed to the Solano Stroll in September as an opportunity to recruit new members. Don’t be surprised if you are approached to volunteer your time to man a booth.

Because May was a slow month for births we will combine the May and June birthday parties. The combined birthday party will be held the last Sunday of the June. The birthday group is John Spiers, George Steedman, Erwin Vista, Jim Corr and Andy Stapleton. The club will provide coffee and dessert. Bring your own lunch at noon to be followed immediately by bowling.



Berkeley bowlers fare well in Senior Games

The 2014 Senior Games (hosted by the Palo Alto Lawn Bowling Club) was, as anticipated with so many great bowlers, full of exciting matches. There were several games that were tied at the last end. This year two BLBC members won medals. Our own Bob Schwartz and his partner, Larry Collaco, won the gold medal in pairs. (Well done, Bob!)Gold medal winners

Our other BLBC member, Ann Brillhart, above, won a silver medal in triples with teammates Bud Birkenseer and Sam Hebert. Bud, Sam and Ann won the bronze medal last year. Let’s hope they can win the gold next year!



Berkeley Jamboree 2014

Which would it be? The first definition of jamboree in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a noisy or unrestrained carouse.” This seemed improbable as I watched 42 bowlers from around the Bay Area arrive for the 2014 BLBC Jamboree. To the neighborhood’s relief definition no. 2 –  “a large festive gathering” –  was more applicable for our fine day of bowling under pleasant skies. jamboree 2014-101Holding court in front of a clubhouse festooned with banners and ruffles, Tournament Director Howard Mackey orchestrated event logistics using naught but the notes on two sheets of paper. The format was three rounds of 10-end triples, matches that provided participants with new teammates and a new rink for each game. In testimony to the Greens Committee’s hard work, the rinks bowled well (for the most part) and those challenged by the peripheral lanes met that challenge with good cheer (again, for the most part). jamboree 2014-106At the end of day some folks were up in points; others down. But all had enjoyed a fine day of bowling in good company and, of course, ice cream. jamboree 2014-104

The Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club promotes the game of lawn bowling for the enjoyment of new and experienced players alike.