Ed Arnold Invitational Results

This year’s tournament honoring the memory of Ed Arnold of Palo Alto LBC was a full house with the maximum 16 teams. Player’s from Berkeley, Rossmoor, San Francisco, San Jose, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto came to participate. Each team played 3-games of 12-ends each. Players rotated positions of Lead, Vice and Skip every 4-Ends. In the end, there was a tie between Dave Hale, Penny Bayless, and Frank Maty (in the tight plead shirts, and Mary Scott, Jerry Knott, and Linda Flores. There were prizes for the top 8 finishers. Three teams of Berkeley bowlers were “in the money”: Jim Corr, Ann Gardiner, and Shawn Roney; John Hooper, Cathy Dinnean, and Wilfred Wong; and Nikki Schrager, Dave Rockhold, and Mo Sher (SFLBC).