BLBC 2016 Jamboree - Final standings

BLBC 21st Jamboree a huge success

What a wonderful day! Not too hot, not too cold, and 24 bowlers from the PIMD were ready to step on to the green and start their games. But first, we took a few moments to present our club’s Howard Mackey with a certificate of appreciation for starting the Jamboree in 1996 and running it until 2014. This unique tournament requires players to keep individual rather than team score cards. Today’s tournament was named The Howard Mackey Jamboree in his honor! Special thanks to Jim Corr, our club’s talented wordsmith, and Cathy Dinnean, our club’s computer graphics pro, for the certificate! We also took a moment to acknowledge our club’s novices:  Cindy Moss, Laile Giansetto, Giulia Gallo, Hugo Deaux and Glenn Nunez.

As soon as everyone selected their score cards we headed out to to the green to find out who we would be bowling with…and against. Two bowlers had to drop out at the last minute, so we had to change two triples games to pairs, but that didn’t change the scoring. The top three skips, top three vices and top three leads would win money. It was wonderful to have ten bowlers representing clubs from Leisure Town, Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Francisco! Fifteen bowlers from our club rounded out the field with three of us rotating in and out as needed. While I tallied the scores after the final game, Cathy gathered all the players on the green for a “spider.” Our own Mr. Luo won the prize:  A bottle of wine. And, of course, everyone received one of Howard Mackey’s traditional post-tournament treats:  An ice cream drumstick!The winners:

1st Place Skip: Nikki Schrager
2nd Place Skip:  Pete Knopf
3rd Place Skip:  Ginger Harris

1st Place Vice:  Bob Beksel
2nd Place Vice:  Hugo Deaux
3rd Place Vice:  Dave McMullen

1st Place Lead:  Millard Long
Tie for 2nd and 3rd Place Leads:  Laile Giansetto and Giulia Gallo

Congratulations to everyone who participated! And a special round of applause for our club’s novices!