Saturday bowling a huge success

For the first time in a long time, we had an organized Saturday afternoon draw game today. Seasoned veterans Howard Mackey, June Brown, Irving Gershenberg and John Spiers along with President Geoff Chandler led the way with 6 other members and two guests (Jerry Leech’s son and his gal). Meanwhile, Andy and Janet Stapleton showed up, other new members bowled a bit in the morning, and we had a whole family of potential new members bowling as well. We had five rinks going at one point!

The green was in great shape, the weather was gorgeous (thanks for the partly cloudy skies, or it would have been hot), and the bowling was fun – isn’t it always.

We also had a very busy morning with at least 7 new bowlers-to-be being coached. After a few minutes, they were all having a great time. They got a brief exposure to mixed fours and then broke up into two pairs games. Yours truly saw a lot of promise out there this morning.

Stay tuned for more weekend bowling on Saturday or Sunday afternoons!