Spring 2014 Ladder Matches

Casual bowling has been enlivened this spring by a ladder match organized by Jim Corr. Players can challenge those holding the three places above them on the ladder – great fun. Here are the recent standings.

PlaceNameHandicapGames Played
1Shawn Roney018
2Lennon Hamilton411
3Nikki Schrager018
4John Hooper121
5Cris Benton121
6Phil Grattan112
7Frankie Napoli021
8Jim Corr023
9Erwin Vista16
10Ray Francis14
11Des Simpson211
12Cathy Dinnean18
13Harry Gans58
14Howard Mackey18
15Ted Crum25
16Sarah Allday36
17Geoff Chandler46

Jim Corr has done a marvelous job organizing the Ladder Matches with timely communication, clear instructions, and the occasional pedagogical riff. His guidance included the following:

Prompt email notification of when a challenge has been issued is essential. You need only email the coordinator and the other player (not the whole group). Also tell the coordinator if a date has been agreed, and, please, please, email the coordinator the result immediately once the game has been played so that he can keep the ladder up-to-date and warn people if someone they had planned to challenge is now out of reach.

Rolling the jack: if one player states at the outset that they wish to roll the jack rather than set it, the other player must accept without complaint. Only if both agree to set the jack should it be done that way. And, whatever is agreed, the same method then prevails throughout the match.

Scoring the handicaps: You should start out as if the handicaps represented the first end. So, if a “5” player is against a “3” player, the first line on the scorecard should be marked 5 on the side of the “5” player (and 3 if you are the “3” player). Two “5” players would start out with 5-5, two “0” players with 0-0, and so on. You might want to put an asterisk or maybe an “H” for handicap beside that first “end” so that it’s clear that it represents the handicap and not a played end.


Our facilities are available for your event! If you are interested in a team building experience, novel reception, or simply an organized, private lawn bowling event, contact us. The clubhouse can accommodate groups of up to 50 for dinners or meetings. The modest kitchen has a gas range and refrigerator.


The clubhouse adjoins the green.


Indoor seating is available for several dozen guests.

If you want to offer lawn bowling instruction to your guests, BLBC will arrange for coaches to give individualized instruction. Basic rules and mechanics of the game can be covered in just a few minutes. Normally, our students are involved in a game within the first 15 minutes.


The basic techniques are easy to lean, and quickly entertaining.

Past events have seen buffet lunches served on the patio or an expresso cart providing just enough caffeine to keep the crowd enthused.


Folks enjoy watching the games from the  veranda 

Rental pricing is $20.00 per guest (non-bowling children are not charged). This pricing is based upon facility rental of three hours and includes instruction for lawn bowling, all equipment, volunteer BLBC coaches, private use of the clubhouse, kitchen, patio, and bowling green. Add $50 for each additional hour after 3 hours. There is also a small cleaning deposit.

If you’re curious, please contact us at least three weeks before the date of your event. We’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Mosaic Cathy

St. Patrick’s Day Event

Our bowl-work-party event was, in my opinion, a success. Under sunny skies with warm weather, we bowled, cleaned, weeded, cleaned, mowed and trimmed. Dinner was at 5:30 and the food was fabulous. We even bowled more after dessert. Thanks to all the volunteers (Cathy, Susan, Sherrill, Geoff, Howard, Mark, Gary, Lennon, and George) who came to work with special kudos to Mark for mowing the surround.

Here’s hoping that those who want to bowl on Sunday afternoon will make it happen rather than wait for it to happen.

Dave R.

Berkeley Bowlers Tops in San Jose Winter League

The San Jose Winter League is an annual event, hosted by the San Jose Lawn Bowling Club, that has become a notable feature of the Northern California “off season.” This year the winning teams comprised mainly Berkeley members. First place was taken by Jon Burnowski (BLBC) playing with Greg Fyvie (Santa Cruz). Josh’s younger brothers, Josh and Matt—aged 12 and 9!—and also BLBC members, came in second. Their Dad, Tom, playing with Peter Knopf (Palo Alto) was third, and fourth place was taken by Jim Corr and Nikki Schrager (both BLBC). Altogether 14 teams from clubs around the area competed against each other in a 6-week round robin format in January/February. Congratulations to the winners!

    Here’s a brief video of some of the winners.

Welcome new member Mark Gurling!

Mark Gurling recently joined the club after attending free lessons. Mark is a graduate student at UC Berkeley pursuing an advanced degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. You may see his wife Ashley and their new daughter Adeline visiting as Mark hones his new-found skills. Welcome to the club Mark (and family).

Welcome new member David Sals!

David comes to us from the Santa Cruz Lawn Bowling Club. David is a Life and Business Coach and also does web design.

When David’s not working or bowling, you might find him leading a men’s circle, performing improv on stage, or spending time with his wonderful family and friends.

Please welcome him to the club! You just might notice his name down at the bottom of our newly designed website.

The Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club promotes the game of lawn bowling for the enjoyment of new and experienced players alike.