Practice makes perfect…

We’re so fortunate here in the Bay area. The weather is great and you can practice even during the winter months. Try using two sets of bowls and alternate between short and long jacks. If anyone needs a little extra coaching, talk to one of the coaches – Ted Crum, Ray Francis or Jim Corr.

There are many other drills that you can use to improve your game!

Free Lessons


Our coaches will be on the green on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:00 to give lessons. It’s FREE, and you have nothing to bring except a desire to have some fun and flat soled shoes or sneakers.

Free lessons thisĀ Saturday and Sunday…unless it’s raining.
Note: There will be no free lessons on Saturday, 6 (October and Saturday, 7 October due to club events.

If you like – and we’d love it – get together a group of four or six and learn together. You’ll be involved in a match after just a few minutes of instruction.