Berkeley Jamboree–Better Late Than Never!

Here is Jim Corr’s 5/24/2022 report on the outcome of the 5/7/2022 Berkeley Jamboree

Berkeley Jamboree–Better Late Than Never!

Berkeley Bowlers:

It’s taken a while. So with apologies for the delay, here’s the outcome of the Jamboree.

While all lawn bowling is meant to be fun (a poor day bowling is better than a great day in front of the computer, as we like to say), the Berkeley Jamboree is one of the “funner” tournaments on the bowls calendar. Founded more years ago than most of us can remember by Howard Mackey, a longtime beloved BLBC bowler and holder of many positions of responsibility at the Club over the years, this three game triples tournament has an unusual format in which participants retain their position (Skip, Vice, or Lead) throughout, but change teams over the course of the day. All bowlers hand in a scorecard for each of their games and, at the end, when the numbers are totted up, prizes go to the three top performers in each position.

This year’s event, held on Saturday, May 2022 and overseen by Hugh Deaux, had its own mini-crisis as all nine would-be participants from the Leisure Town club had to call off near the last minute because of a COVID outbreak among its members. With some scrambling and arm-twisting, mainly of BLBC members, by Hugo, he still managed to field a force of 36 bowlers on the day. Perhaps the resulting over-preponderance of Berkeley bowlers in the numbers—or home green advantage—affected the results. (The only alternative explanation, of course, would be the undoubted skill of BLBC bowlers 😉)

When all was said and done: the winners were as follows:
Rolayn Tauben (Berkeley)
Gary Samonsky (Berkeley)
Charles Russo (Berkeley)
Jim Audas (Berkeley)
Glenn Nunez (Berkeley)
David Eldred (San Francisco)
Sal Garcia (Berkeley)
Larry Murphy (San Francisco)
Fred Anast (Palo Alto)

Congrats to all the prize winners, and as always, a big shout out to our great hospitality team who prepared sustenance, to those who helped with green prep and takedown, and to Dave McMullen, Greenskeeper, who put in many hours to bring the green literally “up to speed.” Photo Credits to Rolayn Tauben (titling is mine).

PS: A report on the 2022 PIMD Pairs Tournament will be forthcoming shortly, either from me or PIMD President Arthur Stewart. Spoiler alert: this year’s champions are Berkeley’s own Hugo Deaux an Jim Audas.