Annual Meeting and Holiday Party December 15th

Your executive Board invites and urges you to attend these events. This is the one time all year when the membership can get together to discuss the state of the club, its future – and then celebrate the holidays. The meeting starts at 10:30 AM with the party (potluck lunch) to follow at noon. I do hope that as many of you as possible will attend the meeting, for reasons outlined below. If you can’t do that but can come for the party, that is fine. Please do come! That is also discussed below.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING: On the agenda are the state of club – finances, building rentals, the physical plant (green and buildings), 2013 tournament reports, election of 2014 officers, revival of the intra-club Ladder competition, and a proposed dues increase. As mentioned here last month, The Pacific InterMountain Division (PIMD) and Bowls USA are increasing dues. Our proposed increase would cover that cost to the club ($20 per member). On the other hand, it is proposed that student members who are over 18 pay one-half the full rate. Currently the one-half rate applies only up to age 18. Parenthetically, we are growing – 16 more members this year than last year. We need to continue this growth to be self-sustaining.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: The potluck format has proven very successful so we are going to do it again. Jim Corr has volunteered to co-ordinate the menu. Please let Jim know what you will bring. We hope that quite naturally there will be a variety of food items so we are not making any particular requests. It is, however, important for you to let Jim know so that (however unlikely) we do not wind up with 20 chocolate cakes and 20 potato casseroles, for example!